A downloadable Catch the Wild Ones for Android

Short Description:

Catch the Wild Ones is a mobile game where you have hunt magical forest creatures and collect them all.

Core Mechanics:

The rounds of this game are time-limited: the player has to catch as many monsters as possible before the timer expires. 

Every trapped monster corresponds to an increment of the score. Touch a monster to trap him. Each monster has a limited lifetime on the screen: the player has to catch it before it disappears. Monsters behave differently: they can float, fly or hide.

To catch more creatures, the player has to seek them into the forest. Thanks to the accelerometer sensor, the environment can be scrolled horizontally by tilting the mobile device. 


The Goal is to achieve an high score inside of a time-limited round, by catching as many monsters as possible in the defined time.


Catch the Wild Ones.apk 83 MB

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